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Calling all pet owners and animal lovers! Join the call and have lunch with your furry friend over Zoom! De-stress and unwind with the pet community, and ask questions about your best friend to Dr. Colette the Vet.

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About Colette (Friedenson) Shtulsaft:
Colette Friedenson, VMD, MPH works as a veterinarian at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital. Dr. Friedenson is passionate about emergency medicine, surgery, exotics and public health. Prior to attending vet school at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Friedenson received her Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology at Columbia University with a focus on zoonotic diseases (infectious agents spread from animals to humans).

Dr. Friedenson lives in West Philly with her husband, Tslil, her adorable baby daughter, Lila, and her very sweet dog, Alfalfa.

*As this is a community event, please ask Dr. Friedenson general questions as opposed to questions that would require a medical examination.